Electronic Design • Embedded Software
Member ACM • Member SMTA • IPC Certified • CompTIA-Linux+

We help companies design and develop electronic products.
Call us at (833) 248‑4323 or email, and let's have a conversation.

We design electronic hardware...
  • Circuit design and PCB Layout
  • Board bring-up and verification
  • Engineering prototype runs
  • System integration
  • Compliance testing
  • Manufacturing handoff
  • Life cycle support
We develop embedded software...
  • C, C++, assembler, Java, Python
  • Embedded and real-time OS
  •     Linux, vxWorks, FreeRTOS
  • Custom device drivers
  • Networked and IoT applications
  • Boot loaders and monitors
  • Performance optimization
  • Microcontroller firmware
We work with many devices...
  • ARM Cortex-Mx, Cortex-Ax,
  • STM32F, Nucleo,
  • Atmel ATmega, AVR, SAMDxx, Arduino,
  • NXP/Freescale Kinetis, i.MX, LPC, Wandboard,
  • TI Sitara, TMS320, MSP, OMAP, Beagle,
  • Microchip PIC, dsPIC, PIC32,
  • Espressif 8266, ESP32, Nordic nRF5x,
  • Raspberry Pi, Intel Atom, Intel Core, Nvidia Jetson,
  • Legacy: Zilog Z80/Z180, Motorola 68xx, 68k

Below are some of the products we have helped develop. Hover or click to zoom in and see more.

xyz gantry
flux tower
modular phone
android pbx
hvac control
handheld military computer
pc104 board
glucose meter
pci signal acquisition cards
in dash computer
beverage dispenser
portable ultrasound
weld controller
test equipment
handheld braille computer
handheld braille computer
magnifying camera
ocr reading appliance
video magnifier
microplate washer
microstrip reader

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